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We have used less wood, more concrete and metal. Use of compact energy saving bulbs of (CFL) Efficient, energy saving and centrally controlled A/C.Traps under sinks to catch floating particles. Flooring tiles that do not require and chemical polishing or waxing and Lead free paint. 
  • Digital x-ray system/less radiation, no chemical to develop.
  • No lead wrapped films and lead free apronFilters on all dental units to prevent dental materials from entering the drainage system.Separate self-contained water system to all chairs.
  • High pressure stem auto save sterilizing system.Oil free, energy saving compressors and vacuums.
  • Star rated dental and office equipment and appliances.
  • Advanced computer networking and paperless practice.FSC approved and green furniture. 
  • Choice of metal/mercury free dental restorations.
  • Observation of all guidelines and regulations.Infection control, medical waste, hazardous material.
  • We use organic “green” cleaning supplies.
  • The maximum use of internet/phone system to pay bills and send promotional messages.
  • Use of recycled paper for our printed massages and advertising publications on recycle paper.
  • We offer a recyclable, biodegradable tooth brush, a pen and brushing glass in a recycled paper bag as welcome package.
  • Use of filtered or purified tap water instead of the bottle water.Reduce your “carbon footprint” by the judicious use of energy saving appliances, conserving water and energy and using organic, recycled and recyclable product.
  • Reusable cotton cloth towels for personal use instead of paper towel.
  • Turn off the facets; use a glass of water to brush.
  • Use of natural, organic oral health products.
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